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NOTE: Some clients experience a soreness or tightness at the lash line after application. If this occurs, it is normal due to the manipulation of the lashes during the service. The feeling will soften up after 1-2 days. 

​What are eyelash extensions?
If you would like a longer, fuller, sexier and natural looking lashes, then eyelash extensions are for you. Eyelash extensions are a safe and glamorous way to extend the length and thickness of your own eyelashes. Like your natural hair, these semi-permanent lashes will last through the natural life cycle of your own lashes. They come in a variety of curls, thickness, colors and lengths that can be custom tailored to any type of eyes to achieve your desired look. The lashes are made from a variety of high quality materials including: synthetic mink, silk, and Siberian mink fur. They are all made to feel and behave like real human hair. 


What are the advantages of eyelash extensions?
No need to curl or use mascara anymore, not only it saves you plenty of time in your daily beauty regimen, you get to wake up every morning with natural looking make up. Lash extensions enhance your natural look, you can choose from a different variety of curls and lengths that range from delicate and pretty to dazzling and dramatic. We carefully customized the look and design by visually correcting imperfections based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, eye shapes, and occasions. 

What to expect in the procedure?
A single lash is applied to your own natural lash one a time. Generally, the process for a full set of eyelash extensions takes

1.5 - 2 hours depending on how many lashes are applied. The average number of applied lashes range anywhere from 50-100 lashes per eye, of course every person will vary, which will vary the amount. Your lash artist can only put so many lashes on when a person has very few to choose from. They are applied with a medical grade adhesive and never touch the skin. 

How long they last?
The lash extensions are affected by your skin type and the lashes that you grow naturally. The look can be maintained for a longer period of time with refills. When properly applied, eyelash extensions will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out. Natural lashes grown in and fall out in cycles every 60-90 days just like your hair. This means a full set of lash extensions can last anywhere from three to six weeks depending on your skin type, your lash type or lifestyle, but because not all lashes are in the same growth cycle, therefore some of them fall out or grow long within 6 weeks. Please note that "This is a perfectly normal occurrence with or without extensions, that's why a follow up refill is recommended." Another factors that can cause the extensions fall out or loosen up are the excessive oil from our skin, naturally criss-cross lashes, lashes that are thin or fragile, sweats, oil-based makeup remover, and humidity also can soften the adhesive. 

When should I come back for a touch-up?
We strongly recommend to do your touch-ups every 3 - 4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and beautiful. This is a follow up procedure to replace any overgrown lashes or lashes that have fallen out in their natural growth and shed cycle, then new extensions are applied to fill up the sparse areas. We also clean any make up residue, oils, or waxes to keep your natural lash healthy and to prevent irritations. On average, our clients get touch-ups once a month, but this can vary by individual and depending on proper care and the clients personal preferences and your lash cycle.

Will extensions cause damage to my own natural lash?
Yes its possible, especially if the lash artist is under-trained and not qualified. Lash extensions if not properly applied can leave your own natural lash with disturbed growth cycle, leave you with unnatural appearance and gaps, that simply look unattractive. The procedure is very meticulous and the end result will really depend on the skill of the lash artist and quality of the products used. There are people who can easily announce or advertise themselves as lash experts, but in reality they didn't obtain proper training, education, and certification. NOTE: Its a violation of state codes to perform eyelash extension services, unless the last artist is a licensed Aesthetician or Cosmetologist. Please be careful in choosing who will do your lash extensions. Please carefully do your research, protect your eyes, health, and investment!

What causes irritants and allergies? Am I a good candidate?
Not everyone is a good candidate for lash extensions. Residues from make up, oil, and dead skin that build up on your lash line can cause eye irritations. Its a must to keep your lash extensions clean everyday! Some clients are sensitive to various compounds and not to others. Although, glue allergies are rare - they are not unheard of. In the event that this happens, you must notify us immediately if you experience any discomfort, irritations or swelling. Eyes are a trigger for allergies - there's no way to determine specifically what caused the reaction, it takes trial and error, that's why we are diligent, carefully examine, and acquire knowledge from your consultation and health history prior to providing any type of service. Do you have anymore questions or concerns? No problem. We are here to help to the best of our ability. Feel free to reach out to us. We can provide you with further instructions, details and ways how to handle this type of occurrences.

How do I maintain them? 
- Please wash your lashes daily with a baby shampoo or mild water-based cleanser to avoid build up of dead skin, salts, and oils that can sting when showering or washing your face. Certain liquid, creamy, and pencil eyeliners tend to build up along the base of the lashes if not completely removed. This can cause the lash extensions to stick together. Lashes that stick together with dead skin cells and make up residue are likely to pull out together.
- Do not be alarmed when you see your lashes shedding when the lash extensions drop. This is not an indication your extensions are damaged. 
- The use of Visine, Get-the-Red-Out drops are not recommended after a treatment as they can irritate the eyes. We recommend the use of artificial tears without vessel constrictions. 
- Do not curl your extensions as it will permanently put a kink or break them. 
- Waterproof mascara is not good because removing it from your lashes creates a hard-wearing action on your lashes and extensions. It can contribute to pulling them out prematurely because it can act like a glue and bind lashes and extensions to one another. It can cause more tear and wear on the extensions. Make sure to remove all residue or traces of make up from your eye areas. 


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