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Star light, star bright with these lashes, I'll have a goodnight...

Donna G. is a CA licensed, certified, highly skilled lash artist and skin care specialist. She trained exclusively with reputable companies in both eyelash extensions application, and skin care industry for almost 10 years. She acquired valuable experience working with different team of medical professionals in dermatology practice, plastic surgery centers, nursing facilities, and multi-level cosmetic lasers, skin health, medical grade peels and body contouring environment. Her strong passion and dedication to the the field of health and aesthetics began in 2007. Since then, she created big clientele following, who comes to see her from different locations both local and out of state. She's adventurous, love to study and research, travel, discover new things, and always in pursuit of her new dreams to keep abreast of the latest innovations out there, so she can perform her best with the services provided. 

- Donna G.


Our history

It all started with a beautiful vision when we decided to share what we truly love and passionate about. We only use high end lash and skin care products. Our contribution to aesthetics  has been recognized through our efforts, discipline, hard work, extensive training and quality equipment's.

Eyelash extensions: We use different curls & lengths to give you great symmetry for a fuller and longer look. We can go from natural to volume to match your eye shape and lifestyle.

Skin care: We perform advanced skin care treatments to enhance and improve different skin concerns - acne skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, combination skin, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), post-acne scars, flush skin, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles. We combined both oriental and European techniques for great results.

We believe in ethics, protocol, and the complete customer service experience. We personalized and customized the services that is appropriate for each individual lash, skin type, and needs. 

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